Monday, November 12, 2012

Teaching Palestine Students

Assalamualaikum. Wr. Wb.

They are Hanani, Abdul Rahman, Oday 1, Oday 2, Qundah, Bashar, Abdullah and Hesen. They are my friends from Palestine that are studying in Indonesia, in UMS. They have been several months here. I always see them in the canteen of Pesma UMS. They are so noticeable with their tall body and really good looking face, hehehe. I only speak with one of them once. It was with Omar.
Among them, Omar is the one who can speak English very fluently, while the others still need to learn hardly. Unfortunately, last week he decided to go home because he cannot stand with Indonesian atmosphere. The rest still stay Indonesia and try to survive no matter what. They have made commitment to face all the problems when they are studying here.

So far, language is their main problem. They do not speak English very well. They speak Arabian. Sad to say that only few people in here who can speak Arabian. So, to bridge the communication, they are trained to master English, at least standard English. I have to say that I've been honored to be asked to share my English knowledge to them. Today is my first meeting with them in Speaking I class.

It started at 08.40 until 10.20 this morning. It's my first time teaching international students. I was a bit nervous at the beginning, but soon the atmosphere of the class turned to be very enjoyable. They are very cooperative students. They have great enthusiasm to learn English. Everyone actively participates in my class. When I asked them to introduce their self, almost all of them excitedly rose their hand and wanted to be the first,,hehehhe... To be fair, I chose them by the name list. While speaking, they made several mistakes. I took some notes during their speaking. After everyone had finished introducing his self, I told them the mistakes and corrected it.

Then, we continued to the next section that was sharing section. In this section they were free to speak everything about what they like or do not like about staying in Indonesia, especially in Solo. They honestly said that they couldn't help with the taste of the foods. Everything tasted sweet and veeery spicy. The transportation is another problem. Only few public transportation here, and they do not have their own vehicle that made them difficult to go everywhere.Oh ya, they also said that they hate being stranger. Whenever and wherever they go people's eyes were always on them. When they went to the restaurant one day, they barely could enjoy the meal as they were discomfort with people's starring at them,,hihihihi... However, they really love the view and the friendliness of Indonesian people. Even though they are far away from home, they feel warmly welcome here.

Actually I enjoyed the class very much, but we have very limited time. I love talking and sharing with them. In the end of the class we promised to keep in touch and to hang out together sometimes. One thing that I regret is I didn't bring my camera to take the pic with them. But don't worry be happy, we will still have other times to meet, don't we?


Pariwisataboy said...

Wow...menarik sekali ceritanya Ibu Guru, Hehe...Salam buat anak muridnya yg ganteng itu ya....:)

ririn said...

hehhe,, okeh ntar saya sampaikan,, kalaumau liat fotonya, ada di postingan selanjutnya..^^