Thursday, December 20, 2007

I'm back

Hi hi hi....

long not to see, miss u so much

I'm here now, finally..

yeah after several months I have no inspiration about what should I post in my blogger.

I'm incredible exiting that I could share my story through this web again.

Oay guys, let start from gebyar. Last November my study program held a big annual event namely Gebyar English Se SULTRA 2007, and I was a part of it's committee. You know it has many story to be talked, happy, sad, crying, laughing, and of course incredible tired that we felt.

But guys,,, It was success. I n my big genk felt so happy. Ok , lets left gebyar... and move to another story that I have....

Here we goooo

Yeah, after Gebyar, all of committeebact to our routinizes as usual. We back to campus, ready to join the class.

And now, gw berada di saat proposal yang jadi prioritas utama gw. Judul gw dah disetujui ma "the big boss" of english department, Thx God!
and not stop sampai situ, gw juga dapat pembimbing yang paling keren se English Department" How lucky I am, yah

Nah sekarang neh, gw gi browsing wat tambah2 materi theses gw, doain ya guyzzz

Gw juga lagi terharu2nya neh with my friendship, I has to say Alhamdulillah to Allah for giving me the greatest best friends, who always share the laugh to me...

For my big genk, Ema, Ceceng, Daniel, Ucul, Adi, Darna, Aminah, Nope, Mb Gid, Oz Luv U guyzzz

Thanks for being a part in my life...

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I love gebyar so much

Jeng..jeng panitia gebyar, postingan kali ini untuk lo semua...
tw gak seh abis gebyar kali ini, gw tambah sayaaaaang bgt ma kalian
kompaknya kita itu yah keliatan bgt mpe-mpe pak oman sang kaprodi pun ngaku...
gile gak kite2?
apa gak dahsyat tuh...
gw pengen bgt persahabatan ini bakal tetep seperti ini mpe kita pada leave our university...
tuk my big genk, gebyar kali ini lebih indah karena ada lo

Thursday, August 16, 2007

warna-warni gebyar

capek bgt nih gw.
sehariani kampus sama anak2 tengil bin ajaibnya English Departmen 2004, bareng Darna, ema, ceceng_sang Ketua, Big Bro_Ucul, daniella_cacing, Dll.

Pagi buta, nyokap bangunin gw tuk siap-siap jual minuman dingin, emang seh semalam gw dah mesen nyokap to do that. Walhasil, dengan mata setengah melek, gw bangun deh.

Seharian di kampus jaga stan soft drink gw, nonton film Harry Potter bareng, ketawa-ketiwi...minum-minum, dan akhirnya makan di Beringin, Rumah Makan Padang, and then here I am, with Daniel sits beside me want me to open him "hot Video" hehehe...

This day is melelahkan tapi gw cukup seneng. Secara ya best friend ge si Darna dah ngumpul bareng kita lagi setelah lebih sebulan ia diculk turis2 asing dari negeri antah berantah.

Dah dulu yah for today coz, my husband, Daniel Radcliffe dah manggil2 gw tuk bertemu dia... hehehe

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Kaka Ilo's Weding

Last Monday, my best friend's brother get married with his girl friend who he has loved since three years ago. How a nice solemn ceremony.
Through this posting I just wanna say congratulation to Kaka Ilo and his wife. Wish them have a long relation until they growing old.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

gw sakit
gw sakit neh. Sakit magh gw kambuh.
jam 3 subuh gw mulai ngerasa mual-mual, trus nyeri lambung, trus satu badan kayaknya dingiiin bgt.
Gw lalu bangunin nyokap yang dengan tanggap ngurusin gw, sambil ngomel2 juga.

"kamu tuh! dah tau punya sakit magh, masih malas makan! kalo gini, yang sakit juga kan kamu"

Aduuuuh ini nyokap ga tau apa kalo anaknya yang teramat manis ini sedang ga ingin dengar macam2 omelan. Tapiii yah sudahlah toh doski juga kan sayang bgt ma gw.

Ini pasti ga bisa lepas dari si Mr. Wicked itu!!!
Menurut gw nih ya, kalo saja dia ga ngasih tugas yang sedemikian mengada-ngada, yang telah dengan sangat sukses membuat gw ga tidur semalaman, tambah lagi komputer gw ga bersahabat, trus besoknya terlambat ngumpul, dan Si Mr. Wicked itu ga mau tau segala dan menolak tugas gw itu mentah2, pasti gw ga akan sakit seperti sekarang ini.


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Mr. Wicked

Mr. Wicked make me mad again.
Yesterday, when I want to submit my final assignment which I had hardly done, even I didn't had my night sleep, he refused to accept it!!!

What a hell!
You know, I want to kill him at that time.
Why there's lecture with such attitude.
I hate him, hate, hate, hate.....

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My green campus

my green campus

thursday at 14:33 in my rectorat warnet's room, I'm the only one user in this rainy day accompanied by sleepy cashier. While I'm waiting for loading, I direct my face toward the trees in out green, fresh, and peach.

It is quite here. But I dont feel bored. I love this situation, where it just me here, no one else can bother me, and this beautiful scenery is only mine...

my green campus

Thursday, June 07, 2007


duh hari ini kesel banget!gw ada mid LT, dari 20 soal yang benar mungkin cuma lima.
Dan ini, bukan karena gw bodoh, dongo', tolol, atau idiot. Tapi.... Dosennya yang keterlaluan bikin soal. Itu kan ga bisa dibilang validity dan realibility. Secara, ya tuh soal sama sekali ga bisa dipake untuk mengukur apa yang ingin diukur. Yaaah... cuma bisa pasrah sambil ngomel2 berharap bisa lulus. Aduh kalo model soalnya kayak gini, 85 kali mengulang pun ga bakal bisa lulus.

Satu lagi berita buruk menghantam diriku. Si Darna itu, masak ketemu lagi sama Ehm..Ehm... itu kan punya gw.....Darna jahaaaaat..... hiks-hiks....kayaknya nih hari gw apessss bgt.
Tapi... gapa lah yang penting tadi gw dah makan gorengan ma ema n darna, liat ka' Halim, liat si Azis juga. yah sutra lah lagian yang apes juga bukan cuma gw doang.

Pulang bentar gw mo nonton film2 gw yang belum sempat gw nonton. Biar terlepas semua kekesalan ini.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

My mom's B'Day

May, 16th 2007, my mom is forty eight years old. She was not young anymore. But her beauty still appear in her old face. Oh, my beloved mother... If you know how much I love you...

It was early morning right after she do "shalat subuh", together with my father,when she said to my father "Pa, now I'm forty eight years old. Wont you to shake my hand and give me congratulation?" And then my father do it, shake her hand and gave her sweet kisses in her cheek.

and I was there, watched them in solemnly. Unconsciously my tears fell. It was so nice to watch your parents lost in their love. Wasn't?

I looked through my mom's eyes, and I found too much love there. No better teacher in my live, all the goodness and all the worth thing I've learned from her. I found the peach,the wise,and never ended love in the eyes of my mom.

I love you, now and forever mom...

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Ungkap sisi baik Daniel melalui Prose

I'm free now, my paper analysis of novel which is entitle

"Pride and Prejudice" has been finished, finally.

Of course it was won't be without my great members group

(Daniel, Uky, Niar, Kadir, Masita, and Adi

have other members but, they do nothing.

Three days worked together make me knows what

and how they actually. Daniel, Niar, Uky, Kadir, masita, and

Adi are kind of responsible people.

Together we worked our analysis. We had felt so tired together,

we share laughter and sigher together. Oh, it so unforgettable for me.

Yesterday, our lecture Ibu Indah had told us

about what and how the acceptable paper is.

And ninety five percent our paper is such that.

We are so happy. It answers our expectation after all we do,

after three days without take a rest.


I'm so happy

Friday, April 20, 2007

Ladies night.


Ngantuk bgt hari ini, semalaman gw brg ma bestfrends gw si darna en si ceceng pada begadang boeat ngerjain tugas research, yang mesti diketik pake mesin tik jaman batu. Mana mati lampu lagi…Jadi, kian sempurnalah penderitaan kami after seharian penuh tanpa istirahat. SEMANGAT!!!

Fortunately I don’t needed to do that couse of my assignment is done by the big bro, one of my most great bestfriend. Although after watch Darna do her assignment with so difficultly, I felt guilt to the big bro. So I promise to my self that it is the last I asked his help to do my assignment which is actually I could do if I hardly try.

Okay, lets continue to my story about ladies night which is I had last night!!

It was very pleasant night, although the light was off.


It was the sound of Darna’s “mesin tik”

She was sitting on the floor while Ceceng and I were lying on the bed.

We were talking about everything. Lessons, lectures, future, friends, and of course about “Finding Soulmate”.

Secara, ya ini jadi menu wajib bagi setiap obrolan kami PARA BEAUTIFUL AND HAPPY LADIES.

Jadi, dimulailah segala celoteh yang tak berkesudahan, meskipun mata dah terasa berton-ton, TETEP yang namanya gosip, lanjuut.

It was about two ot three o’clock and no one of us got sleep.

Wa ceceng malah sempet2nya merekam percakapan kami, hasilnya????

Bikin kami terbahak-bahak.

Sempat malah my beloved mother asked us to be silent, because our “cempreng” voice was bother her sleep.


Terungkap semua deh kebiasaan lucu para sahabat2 ku itu kalo malam hari, yang ga bakalan gw and the other friend jumpai pas di kehidupan nyata. Coz kenapa??? Apalagi kalo bukan Jaim alias acting jadi manusia baik2. Hehehe


Gw bocorin yah, pertama tuh si Ceceng, sepanjang malam punya kegiatan sendiri, yaitu terima telepon, balas sms sambil ketawa2 gak jelas…. (gw ma Darna hanya bisa tercengang) Nih manusia fansnya banyak bgt. Darna n I suggest her to make CECENG’S FANS CLUB. Huahahaha

Dan si Darna, kendati itu badan sudah absolutely capeeek, mata berat, TETEP KOMIK setia dalam genggaman…

Finally morning come unfeltly. Langit malam terusir semburat fajar yang damai…

Mengistirahatkan malam yang mungkin telah sangat jenuh menjadi saksi gadis-gadis centil yang ga habis bahan bwt bergosip. Sisakan cerita yang seru, and lucu.

Di luar, suara my beloved mother, heboh membangunkan seisi rumah.

Kesibukan pagi memaksa kami untuk bangun dan m enghadapi kenyataan bahwa pada jam delapan nanti kami akan berhadapan lagi dengan Pak Amri in Research.

That’s my story about ladies night.

Wish we can kumpul bareng lagi.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Mendadak Gila

Gw rasa darah gw berkurang drastis bgt.
Mata berkunang-kunang, jalan dah ga bisa tegak lagi…
Ini semua karena apa???


Ask me, oleh siapa???

Bu Indah

Jadi, nih ya, gw dah ga tidur lesser 20 hours lah
Merenungi tigas bangsat ini mo diapain.
Habis sudah kemampuan otak gw tuk menganalisa naskah yang mungkin nih ya, dari zaman batu
Bahsanya jangan ditanya, Asli bahasa planet

Dah gitu, pas mo ngumpulin telat lg gw

Ko bisa???
Ceritanya nih waktu minggu lalu Ibu dosen ini tell 2 us that may be next week she will not be in this town.
So, I titip deh my tugas at my friend.
Karena gw dah mo pulang duluanYah you know lah normalnya kan kalo orang kurang tidur itu, pasti bawaannya ngantuk, lemes, lunglai, plus apa sajalah hal yang pastinya ga bakalan bikin lo betah tuk menunda tidur

Eh, ternyata oh ternyata ditengah tidurku,
Sayup2 gw dengar suara cempreng ade gw manggil2 nama gw_Dengan sangat tidak sopan.
Katanya sih Ucul”the big bro” datang,
Oh my God!!!
Dengan terpaksa deh gw ninggalin tempat tidur gw yang untuk siang hari ini rasanya ga kalah sama surga.

Darah gw langsung menghilang pas gw denger kabar buruk yang dibawa oleh Si Big Bro.
Katanya, Tugas gw ga diterima sama Bu Indah cause it may not ditipin!!!
And si Ibu menunggu sampe jam 2 teng.
Gila aja, sekarang kan dah jam 2 kurang lima belas. Mana mungkin keburu. Secara, ya kampus gw itu jauuuuuuh bgt.
Rencananya sih gw mo naek ojek kesana, but setelah gw pikir2 (gw heran juga sih ko bisa yah otak gw masih bisa mikir dalam kondisi yang seperti ini), kalo masih sayang ma nyawa yang Cuma satu2nya ini mending jangan deh, takut jatoh soalnya.

Yang pertama gw liat itu mukanya Darna, ma Sute
Duh, kalut gw
Dari mukanya kayaknya ga bakal bagus deh ceritanya

“Rin Ibu dah Pulang dari 6 menit yang lalu”

Oh I need someone good who would like to kill me
After all what I’ve done
After three night I couldn’t sleep,
And after there’s much money I spent to this assignment?

But, Yeah God is True for claim him self as Arrahmaan and Arrahiim…
Suddenly I remember that I’ve seen Ibu Indah’s car in UPT on the way I came here…
So by Ojek, I go to UPT

Tok Tok Tok

I enter the cold room
Uh hu In the room, sit my favorite lecture Mr. Dedi
Okey Ririn Focus!!

Gw ngumpulin tugas gw dengan sedikit cemas
Takut penyakit Bu Indah kumat lagi deh
Akhirnya diterima juga
Fiuh leganya…

Finally, I cameback to the faculty in suasana hati yang lumayan nyaman
Secara gw tadi dah berhasil ngumpulin tugas, dan kembali dengan selamat, ditambah lagi dah berjumpa dengan The most Gracious lecture..,

Saturday, April 14, 2007

trying to keep calm

my brain felt so heavy, I think I'm gonna be crazy, now
Drama mid assignment successfully make me became desperate.
I don't know how should I work this assignment,
One day, two days, three days,..
Oh God not again, Pleaseee
for several days this damn assignment has make me think that I'm in hell.
Today i with kadir go to Raka Computer to repair my Cd room,
(The one thing that make me little happy), means that I could watch any movies... To be honest I'm so tired now, all I wanna do is go bed and sleep.
But here I am, in front of computer in Nova's warnet, trying to browse some articles which I really hope could help me in doing my assignment.

Oh, how I want to escape from this...

sabarrr, sabarrr
orang sabar di sayang Tuhan

Help me, God. I believe that you are there see me,
and I know that You are arrahman and arrahiim
Fill me with healthy, and spirit...


God bless us

Saturday, April 07, 2007


should we ask our mom if she love us?
Should we doubt at aour mom for their love?
Should we always think that her love is not enough for us?

Is it not enough when we look at her eyes?
Is there no love we can see?

And how abot her touch?
How about her tears?
and how about her cruel?

I remember one night when I was child
in the darkness I seen my mom sang for my younger sister
although it was in the midle of the night, altough she was so tired, She keep stayed there, right beside my sister.

I never hear she said that she love me
it is not her.
I never hear that she proud to me
but I can felt it.
Her eyes told me more, as clearly as sky in the early morning.

May be, and I'm sure that i've done many things that make her disapointed, but I'll try to make her proud to me...

Monday, April 02, 2007

boting day, absolutely

what a man???
this day is absolutely very boring day.
Couldn't come early and couldn't join the first object, the second object which is teached by my beloved lecture. Afetr that i should face my bored friends..... Uuuuh
Finally I decide to go to wrnet, hopefully I can enjoy chatting, posting, and browsing...
Feel better?? NO!
internet in trouble. I waited for long, long, long time...
I check the billing and get my self shock...
in fact I've stay here for almost two hours and still get nothing.
Rain fall in out side. Make my emotion decrease litle.
But, this day is very bored day. Swear!!!

Sunday, April 01, 2007


Yah.. akhirnya, Finally...
Setelah sekian lama ga pernah nongol dan bercurhat-curhat, alhamdulillah sekarang dah bisa.

Hmm, coz baru ketemu lagi, curhatnya yang seneng2 aja yah?
namanya juga mo mulai sesuatu dengan indah.
Semester baru dah dimulai
Kesibukan pun dimulai lagi...
Setelah lama bergelut dengan malas, dan senang2, panggilan kampus menggema
mengundang semangat tuk belajar lagi...
and ketemu sama dosen, teman, and penjual aqua...

Nilai kemaren keluar dengan yah memuaskanlah kalau menurut gw.
ga sia2 gw usaha tak kenal waktu...
rasa kesal pada dosen, berangsur menguap tergantikan oleh rasa hormat
juga bangga...
semester kemaren itu gw puas karena tlah berhasil membuktikan pada dosen gw and diri gw sendiri kalo gw juga tuh bisa... (cieee.... lagunya....)

Eh, awal semester ini di buka dengan kejutan menyenangkan lho
temen gw yang habis ikut pertukaran pemuda di Kanada coming home.
Tuh anak pulang ga ngasih2 kabar apa2 tw2 mukanya nongol dikampus
Gilaaa... kan kita pada surprise tuh...
Asyiknya kita pada dapat oleh-oleh dan segudang cerita yang asli seruuu bgt.
Bikin iriii.... hehehe

Mmmm... apa lagi yah?
kayaknya dah dulu yah...
nanti disambung lagi
duh senangnya bisa posting lagi...
yawdah dada bubye

Sunday, January 07, 2007

ntar lagi gw bisa gilaaa

Ummm, tugas gw banyak bgt
penelitian untuk tugas psycho, setelah mengerjakan literature sama profesi
benar2 menguras tenaga, waktu, otak, semuanya deh...
tapiii kayaknya waktu ga dikuras sekali sih coz disela2 itu gw masih bisa chatting, posting, ngelahap Harry Potter, and watcing....
di tengah ini semua beban gw tambah lagi...
gw pengen ketemu sama Pujaan Hati gw
Ihhh, penasaran deh, kok gw kayaknya ga berjodoh bgt sama dia
temen2 gw malah beberapa kali ketemu ma dia SEMPET NGOBROL PANJANG LEBAR PULA