Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Voices inside My Head

Assalamualaikum. Wr. Wb.

Look what you've done, girl!!
Another day left unproductive.

The hand of time never stops circling its axis.
Not given a compassion to move backward, even just for one millisecond.

Then, who do you think you are?
dare enough to ignore its existence

Letting your chapter II stay stagnant, no progress at all
and how'd you call your self academician?

Oh, c'mon, there's n answer on that adolescence sky outside
Clouds have nothing to tell you

It's already there, waiting to be access every time
Even your mind has been very tired keeps them all

Don't seek for the key, it's been inside of you the whole time
It only needs your fingers to let 'em out.

There will be time, when every second will curse your sloth
You'll beg hopelessly to just come back to fit everythin'

Yet, it's too late.
Your bridge has been burnt down, no ways back.

And, you'll prefer to end you live than to live your life in guilty.
You will condemn yourself for underestimating the time's revenge.

It'll assassinate you in very suffering way,
Slicing your soul with the knife of regret.

Girl, what else are you waiting for?
Just give a single word chance to lead your way.


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