Saturday, April 14, 2007

trying to keep calm

my brain felt so heavy, I think I'm gonna be crazy, now
Drama mid assignment successfully make me became desperate.
I don't know how should I work this assignment,
One day, two days, three days,..
Oh God not again, Pleaseee
for several days this damn assignment has make me think that I'm in hell.
Today i with kadir go to Raka Computer to repair my Cd room,
(The one thing that make me little happy), means that I could watch any movies... To be honest I'm so tired now, all I wanna do is go bed and sleep.
But here I am, in front of computer in Nova's warnet, trying to browse some articles which I really hope could help me in doing my assignment.

Oh, how I want to escape from this...

sabarrr, sabarrr
orang sabar di sayang Tuhan

Help me, God. I believe that you are there see me,
and I know that You are arrahman and arrahiim
Fill me with healthy, and spirit...


God bless us

1 comment:

.:diah:. said...

Sure, I see ur desperate Rin, I see that u r stress, big stress.. but u r not alone ring, u have many friends.. I'm here with u, u have us :)

smangattttt ;)