Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Ungkap sisi baik Daniel melalui Prose

I'm free now, my paper analysis of novel which is entitle

"Pride and Prejudice" has been finished, finally.

Of course it was won't be without my great members group

(Daniel, Uky, Niar, Kadir, Masita, and Adi

have other members but, they do nothing.

Three days worked together make me knows what

and how they actually. Daniel, Niar, Uky, Kadir, masita, and

Adi are kind of responsible people.

Together we worked our analysis. We had felt so tired together,

we share laughter and sigher together. Oh, it so unforgettable for me.

Yesterday, our lecture Ibu Indah had told us

about what and how the acceptable paper is.

And ninety five percent our paper is such that.

We are so happy. It answers our expectation after all we do,

after three days without take a rest.


I'm so happy

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