Saturday, April 07, 2007


should we ask our mom if she love us?
Should we doubt at aour mom for their love?
Should we always think that her love is not enough for us?

Is it not enough when we look at her eyes?
Is there no love we can see?

And how abot her touch?
How about her tears?
and how about her cruel?

I remember one night when I was child
in the darkness I seen my mom sang for my younger sister
although it was in the midle of the night, altough she was so tired, She keep stayed there, right beside my sister.

I never hear she said that she love me
it is not her.
I never hear that she proud to me
but I can felt it.
Her eyes told me more, as clearly as sky in the early morning.

May be, and I'm sure that i've done many things that make her disapointed, but I'll try to make her proud to me...

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