Thursday, December 20, 2007

I'm back

Hi hi hi....

long not to see, miss u so much

I'm here now, finally..

yeah after several months I have no inspiration about what should I post in my blogger.

I'm incredible exiting that I could share my story through this web again.

Oay guys, let start from gebyar. Last November my study program held a big annual event namely Gebyar English Se SULTRA 2007, and I was a part of it's committee. You know it has many story to be talked, happy, sad, crying, laughing, and of course incredible tired that we felt.

But guys,,, It was success. I n my big genk felt so happy. Ok , lets left gebyar... and move to another story that I have....

Here we goooo

Yeah, after Gebyar, all of committeebact to our routinizes as usual. We back to campus, ready to join the class.

And now, gw berada di saat proposal yang jadi prioritas utama gw. Judul gw dah disetujui ma "the big boss" of english department, Thx God!
and not stop sampai situ, gw juga dapat pembimbing yang paling keren se English Department" How lucky I am, yah

Nah sekarang neh, gw gi browsing wat tambah2 materi theses gw, doain ya guyzzz

Gw juga lagi terharu2nya neh with my friendship, I has to say Alhamdulillah to Allah for giving me the greatest best friends, who always share the laugh to me...

For my big genk, Ema, Ceceng, Daniel, Ucul, Adi, Darna, Aminah, Nope, Mb Gid, Oz Luv U guyzzz

Thanks for being a part in my life...

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