Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How Do You See Your Lecturers?

What is your perception on your lecturers or Head of Study Program, Dean or even Rector, Guys? I mean, let's ignore their academic competences. We're not discussing about that. What I mean here is their personal characteristics or behaviors to us as students.

Honestly, I used to have negative perspective on them. It was when I was still undergraduate student. I viewed most of my lecturers were frightening and intimidating. Even, I illustrated them as monsters, heheheh… Of course, not all my lecturers in my undergraduate were daunting. Some of them were and are forthcoming and inspiring. All of my supervisors were and are great and open for sharing and discussion. Some others really made you feel like in hell. Really. I mean it. The worst was when students in the process of finishing final assignment. Many of my friends got frustrated due to their unfriendly supervisors. They blamed the students without giving solution; even they blatantly say that students’ writing is rubbish. It is commonly understood that some lecturers in my undergraduate were killer and had highly self-esteem. You would hardly find that students could gather together with their lecturers in having lunch or dinner. I have to acknowledge that several lecturers of mine in undergraduate are really kind and humble that we had several times to get lunch together. I do remember when one of my favorite lecturers, the smart, beautiful, and carefree Bunda Yaya treated us “Es Kelapa Muda” and when she invited us to make Pizza together. It is also unforgivable when Bunda Indah treated Ceceng and I menus in KopKit, and at the moment we had lunch together in Oz’s home with Mr. Deddy. It was Bunda Indah, who came in my graduation day. Yet, that kind of moments didn’t happen very often. As far as I know, not all students could have the same opportunities like my gank and I. Multitudes of my friends would think that hanging out together with the lecturers was something unattainable. As, I told you before, even though several lecturers of mine in undergraduate are quite friendly, yet the rest were arrogant and untouchable.

Nevertheless, after being a postgraduate student of Muhammadiyah University of Surakata, my former opinion on lecturers is swept away. In fact, as far I concern, all of my lectures, my Head of Study Program, my Dean, and even my Rector in UMS are admirable and very friendly. It is common to us to have free discussion and sharing idea with them. Even though they are mostly professor graduated from top world universities, they’re so humble. It is very often thy smile and bow to us at the first place. Since I’ve been here for almost a year, the Rector has treated us several times. At that moment, rather than acted as the leader of University, he preferred to positioning his self as father. He asked everything about our problems and experiences during living in Java. It never happens in my hometown, as far as I know, that Rector gets together with ordinary students for lunch or dinner. Even, for me and most of my friends, having free and pleasure discussion with Dean is unthinkable. It was last week when one of my adorable lecturer, Mr. Agus, treated us for lunch. Several lecturers have invited us to the same activity as well. It seems that getting close together with students are enjoyable for them. We didn’t talk solely about academic things but other interested topics as well. They are so inspired. They always encourage us to be better and better.

Well, that’s my opinion… I may make mistake, what 'bout you??

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