Wednesday, May 09, 2012

My Deep Condolence to Indonesia

Assalamualaikum, Wr. Wb.

Today's headlines on newspaper are the missing of Sukhoi Airplane and the chaos caused by alliance who named themselves as the warrior of Islam in books discussing forum in Jogjakarta, last night. Surely, both of them are not good news. The former is the tragedy in Indonesian's flight and the latter is the disaster of human rights. Frankly speaking, these reports have tickled my sense of humanity due to several reasons.

First, it’s just terror of knowing what this country is about. Days by days calamities seem inevitable and unstoppable no matter what causing it, whether by nature force or by human errors. In fact, the tragedies have attacked multitude of people regardless if they’re deserve it or not.  Not to mention how many people got injured, how many children lost parents, how many lovers mourning over their soul mates due to this unexpected situation. In Sukhoi case, it is contended that the tower got lost contact with the pilot in Salak Mountain subordinate. The plane transported approximately 50 people, consisted of 8 crews and 38 invited passengers. Mostly, they were invited as they were intended purchasers of this kind of plane units. Several were journalists whose reports would be beneficial in promoting this new jet airplane. Since the tower in airport wasn’t able to get in touch with this plane, the families of the passengers were hit by panicking nerves. Understanding what they’re feeling makes me poignant. Being in that situation is totally unbearable. I cry and pray for them. I am not dare enough to judge who should be blamed for there’s no clear explanation about this accident. I just feel sick to the companies in which the passengers are working. Their families claimed that they heard the news not from the office but from relatives. This uncovers how employees’ sake is still not the priority of several employers.

Second, the incident in LKis, Jogjakarta, last night, obviously besmirched human intellectual right. An irresponsible alliance claiming themselves the defender of Islam has committed crime by banning book discussion by using violence. The book discussed was Allah, Love and Liberty written by Irshad Manji. They believed that this book contains dangerous doctrine that may lead people to apostate by rising issue of lesbianism. What makes me nauseated is that the action was ended in crime as they did the brutal action and defacement of public facilities and even hit the innocent individuals who joined the forum. Some of the victims are females. Can you figure it out??? Such strong men put their big and muscled hand on women. Unbelievably, they yelled the name of Allah while doing such vandalism. How disgusting!!! What I personally believe as a Moslem is that this religion is Rahmatan lil alamin. It puts peace beyond everything. It never tells people to hurt the others. What the forum did is just to discuss a book, which may bring new perspective in multicultural globe; hence, people will have wider horizon and insight in seeing the current and tomorrow’s phenomena. This book suggests human beings to be more tolerant and be able to regard the diversity especially related to gender issue. Where the hell is the wrong point with this book dialogue? If they have strong faith on Islam as the truly path to heaven, why should they get worried about the book may provoke people?? In my opinion, deeper you understand about Islam, stronger Islam will defend you from apostate.  Discussion from wider point of view will not direct you to the confusing area; instead, it will enrich your comprehension on Islam itself. Diversity is one of Allah’s blessings, isn’t it? Allah sets up the pluralism in order to keep us thinking on His magnificence.  Hence, discussing, dialogue is definitely needed to reach the stage of deeper understanding. What people, who defend Islam, should have in heart is this kind of philosophy. Philosophy of not judging before understanding. Unfortunately, the religion-masked criminals, who admitted last night chaos didn’t have this insight. News says that before doing such abuse, one of the villains was asked by the female participant. “Have you read the book yourself?” The villain didn’t answer, then the woman said: “If you haven’t read it yet, then why do you straightly judge that it’s provoking evil book?” The criminal then said “out of here or I hurt you more”. See, how silly that those people yelled the name of Allah in doing that unforgivable delinquency. Are they still appropriate to be called as the warrior of Allah or they are surely blood-hungry criminals who used the religion mask?

All I can say, seeing these tragic incidents, is Indonesia is mourning…:(

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