Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Was I being Paranoid???

Assalamualaikum. Wr. Wb.

Home sweeet homee...Yup!! Here I am again, under the adolescence sky of Solo, still alive, beautiful, but a bit sad :(. Nah lhooo?? Being sad after enjoying holiday in Bogor and Jakarta? how come. Oke here's the story... auuuuu...

Uneasy feeling bothering me these couple days. It deals with sumthin' called paranoid.
Couple days ago, when I was in Jakarta, I met friends of my friend who were in Jakarta too. They were three married men from Solo. I didn't know them before. It was my friend, who introduced them to me. According to my friend, they were businessmen but she didn't know in what field they were in.

Knowing that we're gonna back to Solo soon, they rearrange their schedule to back home too. My friend said that they would be driving to Solo. So, she and I compromised that might be, we could ask for lift to them, instead of being really tired on train. And, lucky us, they said yes. So, My friend arranged meeting with them at a place in Jakarta. Saying "hi" and shaking hand were the first things we done. In shortly conversation,  he asked us where our destination was, and we said, we wanted to continue our visit to TMII for taking some pictures. Actually we went there last night, but it was a little late. It had been dark so that we couldn't take pictures maximally. We only  visited some places. They said that they could drive us there, but one of them (the owner of the car) asked us to have breakfast.

Nothing went wrong, firstly. I thought they would bring us to food courts or sumthin' like that. But when the car run outside the town, I started to feel worry. Why must take this long journey just to have breakfast? Uneasy, I noticed the signboards telling that we're gonna to go Serpong. OMG!!! what was goin' on here? The situation even went worse when the driver locked the door from center lock. I didn't know how it started, but I couldn't beat my own worries. Splash of horrible things kept playing on my mind. I imagined that we're goin' to be kidnapped or to be sold, or to be rapped. Hence, without using my logic, I text my friend about my feeling, and she said that she was worried too, but she kept being calm.

I keep seeing outside the window while continuing asking where  we would go actually. The car's owner told us that we're going to Serpong. Call me stupid, call me nerd, call me overreacted, but really, I was afraid. I couldn't be that easy. So, I pretended that I was about to pee so that the car would stop. I really needed time to think and to ask amince's (my best friend) suggestion. In the toilet, I called amince and what she said made me sure about what I had to do. I'd go back to Jakarta no matter what. I don't know whether it was accidentally or what, but the driver stopped the car in the "Warung Mie Ayam" that he claimed as his another own business.

I tried to sweep my "galau" but I couldn't help it. I didn't want to eat my mie ayam, but I was afraid that they would notice it. What could I do? It was the driver himself who made mie ayam for us. I couldn't stop thinking that he might add sumthin' into it. Why should him? why didn't he asked his boy to made it? Amince called me ad suggested me to make up the story about she's being sick and I had to back to Jakarta very soon. The owner of the car asked me to be cool. Might be, he notice the fear on my eyes, and it multiplied my will to back to Jakarta as soon as possible.

Finally, after begging for several times, they agreed to back. they dropped us to where we met that morning, and gladly we were safe. I didn't dare to look at my friend's eyes. I realized that might be I had been very irrational. I knew she was mad of me because i had been very negative thinking to her friends. I really sorry for that. But I couldn't join them to Solo together. I preferred to take the train. I didn't care how tired I would be, but at least I felt safe there. I do understand she hates me now for letting her feel displeasure on the train in the time she could enjoy the luxury of the Ac on  her friend's car. I know she continuously cursed me in her heart. I know it. Her eyes told me a lot. I feel pain in my heart too. But I have learned from my other friends' experiences with strangers. The point is be caution! Preventing is much better than curing. I don't want to gamble my own life. So call me whatever you want, then I won't care. Hellow,,, this is Jakarta and they are not my friends. I just know them for seconds. Was I being overreacted or paranoid?? I don't know. I just want to feel safe.

*For my friend: sorry for hurting you and let you down, but all I want is to safe all of us. From what, I also don't know, I just hate being worried all the time... Sorry...:(

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