Friday, September 28, 2012


Assalamualaikum. Wr. Wb.

I've watched couples of movies telling 'bout students living in dorm. I remember I ever so damn wanted it. I thought it would be really fun to have friends to share the room together.

I imagined that there would be girls' talk before sleeping,
watching some videos, grabbing fried potatoes, and even we probably could apply facial mask together. Seriously, I expected nothing but o lot of joy if I could experience it my self. Best friends will always be new family for me, after all. My best friends will be just like my sisters. We can do anything we want together without bothering to feel shame or bored. May be we can even yell each other in one time and will be cool very soon. That's what I figured out about having roommates.

Yet, life sometimes offers you the opposite reality. Having roommate is not always that enjoyable. You'll have time when you finally need to be alone, especially if your friends have a very different characters with you. I mean, if she isn't that cool, or easygoing or too damn serious person. Well, I my self also can't be claimed as the most wanted roommate ever, considering my habit to make things mess, hehehe. But, at least I'm not that bad. I love laughing, making a joke, and mostly my best friends feel comfort with me.

Well, that's what is hitting me currently. I really love sharing everything, doing anything together with them, I told you, but it doesn't make me should go anywhere with them. Even tough we stay in the same room, I do need space to my self, to be my self, to be who I really am, doing things alone, going somewhere alone sometimes_yeah, something like that. I always think that friendship, no matter how close we are, doesn't need to do all things together. I may ask them to hang up together sometimes, but if they don't want to, I wont force them to and I won't be angry or cynical to them. And, I exactly require the same from them. Am I asking too much?

So, guys, all I want to say is sharing a room with friends is like "Nano-Nano". It offers you volume of unique and worth experiences. It'll color and enrich your live. You'll finally have to learn how to be mooore tolerant and sympathetic to each other. It, I think, is more like a small lab, where you can learn and find out that everybody is very unique. Someone's characters can be veeery complicated. It is a mini world, which possible you to notice how one can think and behave, that in it's turn will lead you to the understanding of how to react and behave to others. Well, I am still trying hard to be wiser...^^

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