Sunday, September 23, 2012

If Only Thesis Didn't Exist,,hehehe

Assalamualaikum. Wr. Wb.

It should be pleasant sitting down here, in Pasca's Library of UMS. With thousands of book collections that must fulfill all I need, pretty fast network connection, cool and nice smell spread by air conditioner, quite calm atmosphere, and very handful librarians,
I am expected to be able to write my chapter II. Especially while I am being accompanied with my most must listen song right now. But for the hell sake, instead of typing these da*n literature, I am just sitting down sweetly, staring my word processors' screen, having no idea what should I type on it.

I've undergone this kind of situation for million times, yet I've not been used to it. And now I'm starting to imagine, if only thesis didn't exist in this academic world,,hehhehehe... Unclear schedule 'bout when my class will fly to Minnesota makes things even harder. It has been issued that we'll probably make it on this September, yet they say it is delayed until November. That means we get nothing to do here, in Solo. We don't have any courses to be taken in Indonesia. It is supposed to be in Minnesota. So, like it or not, I have to deal with my thesis this time. And, as has been noted on the thesis guidance in the whole universe, Arranging thesis will always booooreeeeed and tiiiireeeeed!!!

Well, I totally realized that sighing wont solve my problems. As student, I sigh too much. My prof. said all I need is reading then typing not moaning,,hehehehe. So, let's end this and start googling, then typing, for the God sake, oh Ririn Syahriani!!!!

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