Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's Wednesday, and It's holyday, finally I have time to post some stories about my days in Solo.Time runs fastly that I don't notice it's been 3 weeks since we arrived here.

As I had told in my previous posting, we're staying in students' house right now. We have class 5 days a week started from Monday to Fryday. When my friends and I met instructors for the first time, we're so happy as they were all young, friendly and smart. The first instructor is Mb Syahara, she is handling listening class. The second one is Mas Fitri, he is speaking instructor. Next is Mb Susi, she's handling Writing class, and the last but not least is Mr. Giri, he is master in reading.

We took our pretest of IELTS on Fryday, June 17th '11. It was horrible, hehhe..I mean I just got low score, but don't worry be happy coz that was the pretest. I still have 6 more weeks to improve my ability, don't I? In the weekend, we went together to Slamet riyadi. there was Solo Batik Carnival. It was owesome. we took some pictures and uploaded it on FB.

OMG,,, actually I want to finish this posting, but unfortunatelly suddenly there's sumthin' that I should fix..Hufffttt,,, C Y...

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