Sunday, July 15, 2012

Vacation Is Over...

Assalamualaikum, Wr. Wb.

It has been a long time since I posted my last writing, hasn't it? One thing you may notice in my last posting is I was "GALAU", heehe,, :<. Yeah, things about thesis proposal, getting bored, and bla bla bla were haunting me those days. 
Yet, Alhamdulillah to say, that I'm perfectly happy right now. May be it's true, I need some times to refresh my mind and soul.

The middle of June 'till yesterday is "the time" I need to get recharged. Well, even though I used to feel exhausted because of unstop traveling with my friends. It's Vebi, my friend since junior high, who came visiting me last month. We went to Sragen and continued to Jogjakarta for 4 days. Couple days later, my friend from College, Tini, arrived to Java, and I felt that I have responsibility to accompany her hanging out around Solo,  Jogja, and Go back to Semarang. We had a lot of fun, tough. 2 days later, my "Maknyak" came to Jogja and surely, accompanying her to go around was a must. Hence,  K titin, K rahmah, n I went to Jogja to visit her as well as book hunting one day full. You won't be able to imagine, how tired I was.

The final is yesterday. I, together with half of Minnesota class, visited Borobudur Temple in Magelang, Central java.  We went there by Shuttle driven by Bapak Kamming. It took us about 2 and half hours to get there from Solo. Pak Kaming drove the car through alternative way, which was spoiled us with the spectacular view of Merapi's side. Just arrived in Borobudur, the blitz of our cameras kept catching the extraordinary subjects. 2 and half hours apparently wasn't enough to be narcissist there. Mb Ichya had to remind us couple times to "force" us leaving.  It was around 1 pm when Pak kaming started the car's engine to drive us to Prambanan Temple. It was K badar's Insisting. I myself have visited it several months ago. On the way headed to Prambanan, we had lunch at Pringin Sewu Resto. The food was delicious, and Lili got her surprise birthday party from the crews of the resto. Actually, we planned to go to Malioboro, but it was impossible because the sun had almost disappeared, ooo.. thx God, I was exiting with the trip, but I was exhausted too,,hehehehe…

Well, the vacation is end now. And today, I have to be back to my real world. A "mountain" is waiting to be climbed. It's my thesis proposal project. So, I opened my files again and started to write this morning. Alhamdulillah, a hour later, my "Chapter I" is done. I text my supervisor to consult my work, but she isn't available today, so we deal to meet on next Tuesday.  Well, I am very relieved today. One chapter is done. Tonight, will be the time to arrange the next chapter…. My target is it'll finish before I go back home. Kendari, how I miss U… AYO SEMANGAAAATTT!!!

Waalaikumslm, Wr. Wb.

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