Monday, February 21, 2011

I just dont know how to name it...

 akhirnya pada ruang ini selalu ku kembali.
sekian lama berlari dan berpaling
mengingkari segala kebutuhan jiwa...

Days, All I  can do is just watching that page. Page which tells me the secret of you. Secret of them. Secret of us. It tells me about your laugh. It tells me about their joy. About your worries, their fears, and many things. And here I am, watching you and them with a great longing inside my heart. 

We used to be close. We used to share everything. I was there when you're crying. I was the one you chose to share your laugh with. I was a part of you, wasn't I?

You know? It's not just easy to ignore you. To leave you. But I had to. It seemed to be the right things that I should do. For the better you and me. I just didn't find any idea how to do it without hurting you and me my self. Memories of our laugh and crying, silly things we did, lead me to the deep regret. 

Days, I pretended that's the way it goes
I persuaded my self so hard that I did the right things
I pretended not seeing your tears
I pretended that I didn't cry too
I persuaded myself that it would be all right definitely.

I don't know why I should try to just go away from you
coz, deep in my heart..I know
I cant stop loving you...
Friend is always be friend in many shapes.
as you and me...

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